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WoW Classic has also been dominating Twitch since its launch

The World of Warcraft Classic server is now live, and as expected, players flock to enter. Unfortunately, the server is still quite crowded which leads to long queues for some of the more popular servers. The Director of World of Warcraft has now issued several clarifications about Blizzard's plans to reduce long queues in the near future. In a post on the Blizzard forum (via USG), WoW director Ion Hazzikostas was asked why Blizzard was hesitant to open a new server when the queue to enter the classic World of Warcraft could develop into tens of thousands. The reason, said...

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Explore Anthem's World While Playing the Story

It's not a hard-and-fast rule, but you'll want to generally try to bring a Primer ability and a Detonator ability with you on every mission. That way, you can set up combos for your teammates, complete the combos they set up, and even "self combo" where you use Detonators on your own Primers. Combos are what make Anthem fun and especially at later levels and harder difficulties, they're essential, so make sure you're picking the right gear for your javelin to make the most of them.


The Ralner's Blaze's unique perk is Upgraded Hammerhead, which causes enemies that are hit repeatedly...

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