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Fallout 76 Players Have Discovered a Hidden Developer Room

The game which has been derided by critics and players alike due to its marketing snafus, lackluster quality, and frustrating glitches now appears to have added one more strange thing to its store: a secret developer room that;s home to an NPC named Wooby. One of the hallmarks of Fallout 76, at least according to developer Bethesda, is its refusal to incorporate quest-giving or story-advancing NPCs, instead featuring snippets of story hidden around the game's terminals and audio logs to give players the sense that they're immersed in a living, breathing world.


Historically, most major Bethesda games have contained these developer rooms. Much like the recently discovered Legend of Zelda minus world, they allow developers to store some excess assets and maybe test a few things in the game environment. Most of the older developer rooms in Bethesda games were only accessible when you used certain console commands. Many players figured that tactic wouldn't work in Fallout 76 due to the game's multiplayer features. 


The hits keep coming for Fallout 76, as someone has apparently encountered a developer room in the PC edition of the game. For an online-centric affair this is probably a no-no. In Fallout 76, you'll quickly start coming across enemies that act like bullet sponges. From low level Super Mutants to the flying Scorchbeasts you won't be able to kill until much later, without the right equipment, some foes can be tough to take down. But what if you had a weapon that could one-hit kill almost any enemy on the Fallout 76 map? Introducing Fallout 76 Two Shot Explosive guns. If you liked this short article and you would like to get even more information concerning Fallout 76 Atoms kindly go to the internet site.


One of the biggest problems for Fallout 76 in recent weeks has been a major item duplication exploit. This problem has allowed some players to duplicate items many hundreds or even thousands of times, causing game-breaking knock-on effects. Not only does this devalue the game's economy; it has allowed players to vastly increase their damage output by stacking the effects of Bobbleheads. This exploit potentially allows exploiters to one-shot other players, even when they're in Pacifist Mode.


The Fallout Classic Collection is now free to download for those who played Fallout 76 in 2018. As previously announced, anyone who logged into the full release of Fallout 76 on any platform in 2018 can get the Fallout Classic Collection on PC for free. To get it, you have to download and run the Bethesda Launcher for PC, sign in to your Bethesda.net account and install the Fallout Classic Collection titles from the Games menu.


The weirdest part of the story isn't the developer room, however. Previous Bethesda titles like Fallout 4 and Skyrim have been known to feature them. They offer ways for developers to store additional assets and pop in for testing once in a while in a live game environment. But typically, they're only accessible by inputting a number of special commands. Console commands, as they're called, allow quick tweaks and access to the room. Fallout 76 doesn't have them, but players found a way in anyhow.

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