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The NBA 2K20 Will Also Feature an Improve

The outcry caused 2K to adopt the inside-outside balance system that we see now, and that is also prevalent in the NBA 2K League. Here is the trouble with the inside-outside system: it's just not as fun to play. I'm a simulation guy, but I've found the parameters of categories like Pure Lockdown, Pure Sharpshooter, and Playmaking Shot Creator a little too limiting, and it doesn't give the player options, or enough creativity. It's also worth noting that NBA 2K's rival, EA's NBA Live franchises, has featured the WNBA for the last two years arguably the only thing it can...

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Make FIFA 20 the Best Football Simulation


EA Sports should implement a realistic team discussion scenario during the before the match, mid game and after the match. For example, if your team is losing at half-time, the dressing room is intense and everyone is focused on turning the result in their favor. This can be implemented in the Career Mode by introducing a new feature in the team management section during half-time. The computer manager that you are playing against should be able to detect your tactics and change their team accordingly. If you are playing an offside trap defensive tactic, the AI manager should be able...

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MLB The Show 19 is the Best Sports Game


At base, MLB The Show is a really good sports sim. Unlike Madden or FIFA, it doesn't really have a mode that I would consider a "weak link." Even Franchise, which was almost untouched this year, is one of the best management sims around, sporting a huge number of ways to get through a 162-game season. One of the dilemmas I tend to have when reviewing sports games is how to score an annual release. Should the final score be based on the quality of the update, or the complete package? Maybe the update is weak, but the game is...

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Path of Exile's Latest Major Expansion

Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear has set its sights on the game's melee combat for the next big overhaul. If you are you looking for more about POE Trade check out our website. With the release of Path of Exile's latest major expansion, Synthesis, the developer revamped the game's spellcasting mechanics. This was mostly a numbers game, as the developer re-balanced almost all spells. Up next, melee combat. In a blog post, Grinding Gear Games revealed plans to make melee combat less clunky. Like spellcasting, the studio intends to balance the speed, accuracy and other numerical values, but the plan is...

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